Technical service

As Omaksan Makine, we offer pre-sales and after-sales services in line with the demands and needs of our valued customers, whom we see as business partners, with our expert and dynamic staff.

Pre-Sales Service

As Omaksan Makine, we ensure customer satisfaction by choosing the right machine for the production of our customers, taking into account the rapidly changing consumer demands in pre-sales service.

After sales service

As Omaksan Makine, we meet the needs of our customers in the shortest time and in a quality way with 24/7 remote and on-site services in machine installation, technical support, spare parts service that our customers will need in after-sales service.

Technical Service Quick Access Guide  
Domestic Technical Service Phone (1) +90 (542) 817 89 31
Domestic Technical Service Phone (2) +90( 533) 152 44 34
Overseas Technical Service +90 (538) 626 50 01